Top hair tips, until we meet again

A personal message from John & Jill

Great news! The salons are open!.

Rest assured  we will be doing everything within our power to keep you and our teams safe and cared for.

It’s not going to be the same as before, we all know that, but it’s our intention to welcome you back to the very best environment that we can possibly provide. After all, having your hair done should be a pleasure!

Because hairdressing is a one-on-one close proximity activity, we’re going to be using masks, disposable gowns and gloves plus all of the hygiene protocols with antiseptic sprays, hand gels and cleaning services that you would expect to see.

If you’re still shielding a vulnerable member of your family or are continuing to lockdown for the forseeable future, please do have a read through our hair tips to keep your hair in great condition until you can come back to the salons again.

Please stay safe and well.

John & Jill Forrester


Top Hair Tips

But in the meantime, these top tips for keeping your hair looking great in between appointments will still be useful for a while to come.

We all know that hair can get a little bit out of shape when you can’t visit your hairdresser regularly.

And then there’s the roots issue…

We’ve come up with some useful tips and suggestions to help you get through the next few weeks without resorting to a No.1!

With a little bit of product, some flair and a willingness to try something new, we hope you’ll find a style you’re happy with until we meet again in the salons.

Give your hair a break

There are 2 things that we hope you definitely won’t be tempted to do and we’ll give you the reasons why.

  • Don’t resort to home dyes!

We use the TIGI Copyright©olour system in all eight of our salons. It’s been formulated over a number of years to give maximum natural looking colour with the least amount of damage to your hair.

If your hair (and scalp) is used to TIGI Copyright©olour it could be risky to use another formula that you haven’t had a skin test for and that could change your specifically individual colour. Not only that, the application process is tricky when you’re trying to do yourself what your stylist normally does from above your head and at the basins.

  • Try not to use, or at least cut down on hot tools

Now that we’re all on lockdown, it doesn’t matter so much if we give our hair a rest from heated tools for straightening, curling or lifting. This enforced sabbatical from the salons will give your hair a chance to just ‘be’ for a few weeks and this will give you the chance to treat it kindly and boost its condition.


  • Condition your hair and give it a nourishing treatment

You can even use your conditioner as a treatment by leaving it on for an hour wrapped in a warm towel. You could add to the benefit by wrapping your conditioned hair in tin foil, a plastic bag or cling film before you wrap the towel around it. Basically you just want the warmth of your scalp to help activate the nourishing qualities of the conditioner.

  • Go steady with the washing and hot water
  • Use a dry shampoo in dry hair – it’s fabulous for accentuating lived-in volume

You don’t need to over wash your hair and to make it feel smoother, try rinsing with cool water. This helps the hair cuticle to flatten down and therefore creates more shine when the hair is dry.

Is this your hair?

Roots growing through:

  • Change your parting line to a zig-zag – this is a great way to disguise root growth

Fringe too long:

  • Please try to resist the temptation to cut it!
    Instead, have a go at twisting the fringe and use a clip to pin it back off your face.
  • Experiment with clip and comb accessories. Let the summer sun kiss your face.

Wavy bob or long:

  • Wash hair only once focusing on the roots and scalp
  • Use 1 pump more conditioner after 1 single wash and work through the ends and lengths, not on your scalp
  • Leave hair to dry naturally


  • Use some TIGI® After Party serum or a wee bit of conditioner on the damp hair to help the curls to stay as smooth as possible.
  • Grab different sized sections and twist around your finger.
  • Leave to dry naturally and then give your head a shake to loosen the look.

Short but losing its style:

  • Wash hair only once
  • Use 1 pump more conditioner after 1 single wash
  • Dry hair
  • Use 2 pumps of gel/mousse and shape the sides back behind your ears
  • Or, use a bandeau head band or a narrow alice band to control a fringe that’s getting a wee bit too long


r & B girl in pink cap and vest
model with head scarf wrapped around her head in a tredy style
model with long sofly nraided hair on a pink background

We hope these tried and tested tips will help you feel the love for your hair when you’re not able to get to the salon.

Lucky the summer is on its way and the trend for scarves, bandanas and caps is hot, hot, hot!

Have a look at Vogue:]

And Gabrielle Arruda:]