20% off threading and GELeration nail extensions in June

20% off threading and nail extensions with Beth in June 2018 at the Forresters tilehurst Beauty salon

Threading – try it once and you’ll be hooked!

Threading is a hair removal technique that originated in India. It involves the use of twisted cotton threads that capture and remove eyebrow hairs. You’ll be amazed at how clean and shapely your eyebrows will look after a session.

What to expect

Your therapist will ask you to hold your brow area in various points during the treatment, so that the skin is taught. If you’ve never had  threading before, please let your therapist know and she’ll show you what to do.

It’s almost painless

A good therapist works efficiently and quickly so there really is very little pain. The main sensation is the pressure of twisted cotton as it passes across the brow area.

Above, below and between

The threading works to best effect if you let the therapist work all around your brows.
You’ll also be asked if you would like the long hairs in your eyebrows to be trimmed which we recommend to achieve a neat but natural look.


Once the threading is done have a good look in the mirror to check that you’re happy and to look for stragglers and these will be removed.
Your therapist will apply a soothing gel to the threaded areas which sooths the skin and helps the temporary redness to dissipate.
Please don’t use any make-up or concealer on the area until the redness has gone. The pores will be open for a while so you don’t want to clog them up with any products and cause spots.

The best eyebrows ever!

After your treatment, your eyebrows will be so easy much easier and a pleasure to maintain. Use a pencil and brush or a tinted eyebrow gel for a stronger look.

Top lip and facial hair threading

The technique is so efficient, you can choose to have your top lip or indeed any other facial area treated.

The effects usually last about 5-6 weeks so book ahead and get into the threading habit. You won’t regret it.

Book your threading appointment via the web site booking portal or call the Tilehurst Beauty Salon on 0118 945 5223.

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