Stuart Forrester – bem vindo de volta!

Stuart Forrester, Director of Training at Forresters Hairdressing Academy, Tilehurst

Welcome back Stuart Forrester 🙂

After a 2 year working trip in Brazil, living in Porto Alegre, the capital of the South and Sáo Paulo in the heart of South America, Stuart Forrester is now back in the UK.

Stuart’s journey began in Porto Alegre in 2015 working for Salon Cubo, one of the most creative and progressive hair salons in Brazil. He was invited by his good friends Artur Lopes and Jonathas Diniz to work in their flagship salon on the top floor of a skyscraper.

Creative, high energy Salon Cubo provided Stuart with the opportunity to share his knowledge and be part of numerous high profile model shoots for editorials and advertising campaigns.

After a year working in the South, Stuart moved North to the state of São Paulo, the most cosmopolitan city in Brazil, with a population of 45 million.

Working as a barber in the affluent district of Moema, Stuart was invited to give his Brazilian counterparts an insight into British hair fashion in a series of well-attended and popular seminars.

Stuart had fabulous time working in Brazil and made great use of his hairdressing talents as well as learning to speak Portugese!

Now that Stuart’s back, and in his role as Director of Training at the Forresters Training Academy, he will be working closely with the Forresters hair salon managers and their teams.

Book with Stuart Forrester

You can find Stuart at our Thatcham  hair salon (Friday and Saturday every week and alternate Thursdays) so check our booking system (web home page tab or via Quick Links on your ‘phone) for availability.

Find out more about Salon Cubo – Porto Alegre

Facebook: Cubo
Facebook: Cubo Academy
Instagram: Cubo (@cubocubocubo)

Forresters’ roots

John and Jill Forrester began their Reading hairdressing business in 1971, expanding soon after with a beauty salon in Tilehurst. The birth of twins Gemma and Stuart began a hairdressing dynasty that is thriving today with 8 hair salons and 2 beauty salons.

Stuart Forrester and Gemma Forrester are both highly talented hairdressers. Stuart’s eight years of work at the hairdressing Training Academy formed the bedrock of the Forresters training programme. As well as working in the Abingdon salon, Gemma takes an active part in the Forresters Group business.

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