The Forresters Special Effects Collection – 4 new styles and how to achieve them

The Forresters Special Effects Collection

The Forresters Artistic Team have been hard at work on the new Special Effects Collection.

It gives us all great pleasure introduce to you each of the 4 key styles which were created in the TIGI® London studios and photographed for us by the fabulously talented photographer Alex Barren-Hough.

Directors Gemma and Stuart Forrester worked on all 4 styles with Creative Director Adrian Leonard.

In this series of 4 articles, we’ll tell you more about the hair and how to achieve each look.

Your hair might not necessarily look exactly like the 4 styles that we’ve chosen but there will be elements within them that can be adapted to your own style and hopefully will encourage you to enjoy experimenting with techniques and products.

Gemma Forrester shares her Special Effects Collection secrets

With advice and expertise from Gemma Forrester you’ll learn about the hair types, the styles and how to achieve them, plus the best products to use including the effective and extremely popular new TIGI Copyright take-home range.

Gemma hopes you’ll enjoy experimenting on your own hair in between appointments and most of all, having fun with it!

Maddison - dark curly hair style from the Forresters Special Effects Collection


Here’s a beautiful naturally curly mane that sits below the shoulders. Maddison’s hair has a slightly frizzy tendency and the ends lack moisture.

The TIGI copyright©olour is made up from a natural warm brown which has added intensity and an even tone throughout plus a darker brown for depth. It’s a fabulous look and if you’re lucky enough to have hair like this wear it with pride.

Gemma’s aim was to create gloss, body and a full head of healthy looking curls. Here’s how she did it:

On towel dry hair add two good pumps of TIGI Copyright – Custom Create – Multi Tasking Styling Foam (£18) all over the head and comb through evenly. Gone are the days when the addition of mousse made your hair crisp with a white residue. Mousse is officially back!

SPECIAL EFFECTS COLLECTION TOP TIP: scrunch your curls with a towel because it helps them return to a natural state

Apply 2 pumps of TIGI Copyright – Custom Create – Split End Repair Cream (£18) to the mid lengths and ends – our clients love this product! They rate its effectiveness at 5 star.

To speed up the drying process use TIGI Bedhead After Party at the blow drying stage. It will help to fix the curls naturally and reduce frizz. Once this product has been applied, twist your curls in small sections in a random pattern. You can use a diffuser on your hair dryer to control the curls and not allow them to grow too large.

If you’re crazy about volume, tease the drying curls apart so you’re creating more and more of them.
Another way to seriously pump up the volume is to dry your hair with your head down focusing the heat down over the underside.

If you prefer a natural look leave your curls damp so they can air dry.

To add more random texture to your look, use straighteners on some sections and a wand to define other areas.

The possibilities are endless so enjoy experimenting 🙂

Tiffany - rich red coloured hair style from the Forresters Special Effects Collection


A dramatic look in colour and style. Tiffany’s hair is a 21st century interpretation of a 70s inspired look.

The rich, intense colour was brightened using toners and it’s definitley not for shrinking violets – this style is neat and perfectly finished but it’s got a lot of attitude. With colour this intense, all heads will turn when you walk into a room!

Tiffany’s hair was slightly dry so all the products have been selected to create shine protect the moisture and add body.

How did Gemma and her team create this style?

Firstly, precision cutting – the fringe is curved and every hair has its place to create a strong line. Precision fringes look fantastic but need a wee bit more maintenance to keep them looking sharp at all times.

The sides were softened to frame the face and the length was cut just below the nape of the neck to stay in tune with the 70s.

Gemma’s first product choice was TIGI Bedhead Queen For A Day strong hold thickening spray which has a light consistency, adds body and protection when you’re using heated styling irons for straightening and smoothing the hair.

The hair was blow dried in sections using a good quality paddle brush and a large round brush. The aim being that the open brush core and filaments allows the warm air to circulate within the hair, drying it but not roughing up the smooth cuticle.

SPECIAL EFFECTS COLLECTION TOP TIP: always choose good quality brushes.

Denman is a brand you can rely on with a comprehensive range to choose from or try the excllent Kent brushes. Better quality brushes are gentler on your scalp, good for your hair and help to eliminate the dreaded static.

To finish the hair, Gemma applied TIGI Bedhead Headrush before using the straightening irons. It reduces static and is a Forresters favourite.

Once this was completed Gemma gave the hair a cool shot with the dryer to keep the hair smooth and to fix it.

Gemima - cool blonde short bob hair style from the Forresters Special Effects Collection


A classic graduated bob with a short fringe which is adaptable for many different hair types and colours.

Gemima’s look is all about a dramatic fringe but this could be softened and texturised for a lighter look.

Gemma used TIGI Copyright – Custom Create – Volume Lift Styling Spray (£18) which helps create volume with body and makes hair feels thicker. It provides a flexible hold with grip that you can to build into any shape or style. Use it by sectioning off wet hair and focus the spray onto the roots for lift. Comb through.

SPECIAL EFFECTS COLLECTION TOP TIP: Blow dry your hair smooth first and then add texture to your style.

Keep your hair dryer pointing downwards whilst drying and resist the temptation to point it upwards under your hair. Definitely don’t hang your head down and dry randomly because you’ll lose control of the style!

Go for gloss and finish by giving the hair a blast of your hair dryer whilst spraying TIGI Bedhead Headrush superfine shine spray.


Maisie - ash blonde mid length textured bob hair style from the Forresters Special Effects Collection


A longer length textured bob from our Special Effects Collection. It’s totally age nuetral and suits any texture or hair colour.

Similar to the Gemima style, blow dry smooth first and then add your products for texture and direction. You can take this one as far as you like.

Use TIGI Bedhead Queen For A Day strong hold thickening spray and for strong direction use TIGI Bedhead Hard To Get Texturising Paste.

TIGI Bedhead Hard To Get Texturising Paste:

  • A wax complex that makes your hair look thicker and texturised
  • Condition complex provides hair with a soft, light finish
  • Adds long lasting hold
  • HOLD: Medium
    TEXTURE: Maximum
    FINISH: Natural

Apply a little to your hands and rub it in like a hand cream. Then apply through roots and ends. The hair will look a bit crazy at first but you can take time to sculpt it to your taste once the product is doing its job.

Try a random a-symmetrical look or go further and use the new TIGI Copyright – Custom Create – Texturising Salt Spray.

This is Gemma Forresters favourite product and it’s selling like hot cakes!

Salt spray is Gemma’s Number 1 holiday product to pack into your suitcase.
Whether you’re in the pool or relaxing on a sun bed with a cocktail, this product will give your holiday locks control and effortless glamour.

TIGI Copyright – Custom Create – Texturising Salt Spray (£18) is crafted to lock in moisture and add body to any hair type. Infused with Dead Sea Salt, it’s perfect for creating effortless tousled textures and natural looking waves with an all-day lasting light hold.

  • Creates wavy styles and tousled texture with Dead Sea salt
  • Adds long lasting body with light hold
  • Leaves hair feeling moisturised, soft and healthy

HOW TO USE:  Spray on wet or dry hair and scrunch to your desired shape. It can also be used after tongs for beachy looks.

TOP TIP: At festival time, for ladies on the move with no time to wash their hair, Gemma also recommends…

TIGI Copyright – Custom Complete – Revitalising Dry Shampoo (£18)

  • Leaves hair feeling refreshed with added volume and texture
  • Absorbs oils for a clean-feeling, matte finish
  • Revives hair without leaving white marks

Simple Hair Product Pricing

To keep things simple, all of the new TIGI Copyright Care retail products are £18.
For your convenience there is a good range of TIGI Bed Head retail products available in Forresters salons. Prices vary so please ask your Stylist for more information

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