K.B Pro Permanent Makeup at the Tilehurst Beauty salon

We’re delighted to bring you a range of K.B Pro Permanent Makeup Treatments with Adele at the Forresters Beauty Salon in Hall’s Road, Tilehurst, on alternate Saturday’s every month starting on the 8th January.


All three of the K.B Pro Permanent makeup treatments listed below are £295. This price includes a full consultation prior to your treatment.


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We have a too good to miss offer to tempt you to find out how transforming permanent make-up can be. Enjoy 20% off all beauty salon services until the end of March. Please call Lisa’s salon on 0118 945 5223 for information and bookings.

What is a K.B Pro Permanent Makeup Treatment?

Permanent makeup is the practice of cosmetic tattooing specially formulated pigments into the skin to create long-lasting effects for the brows, eyes and lips. The pigment is implanted using a digital machine to ensure the pigment is placed at the optimum layer of the skin to look beautifully natural.

Using a specialist facial tattooing machine, which works at a lower frequency to a standard tattoo machine, we gently apply pigment into the skin using a selection of very fine needles. The sensation is similar to an electric toothbrush being held against your skin – you feel vibrations but you should not feel any discomfort. Tattooing usually takes 1-2 hours and during this time Adele will give you breaks as and when you need them. 

Adele’s primary aim is that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout. Once your treatment is finished, Adele will explain about after care and top ups.

K.B Pro Eyebrows

Treatment includes design, colour match & 1-2 hours of tattooing. Overall the initial treatment is around 3 hours.

Eyebrow design is personal to each individual client and a large part of the treatment. Adele will measure and draw your design on you before tattooing, taking your face shape and facial features into consideration. Immediately after a treatment you should expect the area to look 30-40% darker than the colour you have chosen. This will start to fade after 3-4 days.  A follow up treatment for a top-up is usually required to ensure pigment is placed evenly throughout the brow.

Adele is a Certified K.B Pro Permanent makeup artist and is fully insured.

Book today by calling Lisa and her team on 0118 945 5223

permanent make-up eyebrows and eyeliner


Treatment consists of design, colour theory and then tattooing. The process lasts about 2-3 hours. Lips can be tattooed to achieve a lipstick-like finished result, or tattooed to give a soft, sheen, wash of colour. We call this a “Lip-blush”. 

Lips look 40-50% darker when freshly tattooed. They take a couple days to heal and the true colour will come through as the skin settles. 

Permanent Eyeliner

A K.B Pro eyelash enhancement treatment consists of colour choice and tattooing. This procedure lasts 1-3 hours. Adele will tattoo under and through the last line, which creates a thicker looking set of lashes. It can be a minimal change but the results are lovely! Your eyes will be closed during the process. After the treatment your eyes might be a bit puffy and sensitive, but this will subside after a few hours. 

Prepare for treatment with a skin test kit

Much like our hair salons, any work we do that involves dyes and pigments must be tested on you first. It’s just common sense to find out if you’re going to be sensitive to the products we use. So, the first thing to do is book a testing kit by calling Lisa and her team on 0118 945 5223

To make sensitivity testing really simple, you can either collect the testing kit from the beauty salon or Adele will post one out to you.
Once we’re both happy that there’s no sign of any reaction we will move forward to your treatment.

Book your K.B Pro permanent makeup skin test on 0118 945 5223.

Covid19 and keeping everyone safe

During the Covid19 pandemic, there are some salon safety measures that we are adhering to to keep us all safe in the salon. Please read through our information and guidelines on the Forresters Beauty Salon page.

Contraindications to permanent make-up

There are some important contraindications to read through before you commit to any permanent makeup.

Adele cannot treat you if:

  • You are under 18
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • You are taking blood thinning medicines (e.g warfarin) unless medical consent given
  • You have transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis C
  • You have a haemophilia
  • You have healing disorders or uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • You are on any skin medication such as Accutane or steroids
  • You have taken Antabuse or Roaccutane medication in the last 6 months of treatment
  • You have undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy in the last 12 months unless medical consent given
  • You have epilepsy and have experienced a seizure in the last two years
  • You have a pacemaker or major heart problems

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* Please note, top ups, post treatment are charged for separately.