Welcome back to beautiful hair!

Welcome back to Forresters!

As you can imagine, getting back to hairdressing is the best thing that’s happened to us for literally months!

We’re all so thrilled to be back, to hear all of your news and get your hair back to beautiful.

The salons are in a state of what everyone’s calling the ‘new normal’ so there are some differences for the forseeable future which we would like you to take time to read through.


Please continue to book via the phone lines until further notice.

Forresters Abingdon
01235 536 100

Forresters Caversham
0118 947 6817

Forresters Pangbourne
0118 984 2464

Forresters Reading
0118 987 2860

Forresters Sonning Common
0118 972 4573

Forresters Thatcham
01635 868 866

Forresters Tilehurst
0118 942 8464

Forresters Wallingford
01491 837 523

The online Booking System isn’t available and here’s why…

Appointments can’t be made through the online booking system and because all of the salons are working to different time plans with time in between appointments for Covid19 cleaning sessions and team changes. The salons are also going to be working hard to get everyone’s colour back to to how they like it, and, as prior to lockdown, all colour appointments have to be made via the telephone. This is especially relevant now because the teams will need to ask a number of questions before a booking can be made.

We will in due course reinstate online bookings for cuts and styling and will let everyone who’s opted in to receive emails and texts fom us know, plus announcements on Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re not opted in and are visiting the salons over the next few weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to change your GDPR opt in preferences then.

We’ve adapted our working practices and protocols so we can all get used to this ‘new normal’ so please have a read through the info below so you’re up to date with everything before we book you in.

Over 16’s only

Appointments are only available for over 16’s only until further notice.


Card or Apple Pay preferred. Cash payments accepted. Please don’t forget your card 🙂

A Note About Discounts

It is with regret that we won’t be able to run any discount schemes in the salons until further notice. This includes discount Vouchers, Loyalty and Tell A Friend cards.

Colour Patch Testing Days

If your colour patch test has expired, you’ll be invited to come along to the salon for a new one before we book you in for colour services. Once your data has been updated you will be notified of when the next patch test is due.

Clean Hair Please

Wherever possible, please wash your hair on the day you’re booked to come to the salon. Then when you come into the salon we will simply wet your hair down for cuts and finishing or apply colour to clean dry hair. If it’s a problem then please don’t worry, we will still be using the backwash area.

Your Appointment Day – Please Don’t Be Late!

Please arrive on time and wait at the door to be greeted by your stylist. Due to the new salon social distancing and hygiene protocols we’re running to a very strict timetable so appointments can’t run overtime.

No Waiting Areas

There will be no waiting areas within the salons.

Coffee and Tea

Sorry, no hot drinks will be available in the salons.

No Mags will be available

Please bring a phone or tablet along for your own entertainment.

Your Health & The Forresters Teams

We respectfully ask that if you have any cold or any illness that is making you feel unwell or might be infectious, or you have been in contact with anyone with Covid19, or if you’ve noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell that you do not enter any of the Forresters salons.

Wear Your Mask – Protect Yourself and Us

Please wear your face mask at your appointment, we will work around it as long as it’s a behind the ears version. If you forget your mask we can provide one.

Staying Safe in the Salons

We are doing everything we can to keep you and our staff completely safe within the salons.

We will adhere to all advice and protocols set down by the Government specifically for the hairdressing industry. But, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be 100% safe from any infection in the salons, which, after all, are enclosed environments.

If you need to use the loo, please wash your hands with liquid soap for a minimum of 20 seconds or 2 rounds of the ‘happy birthday’ song, and use the paper towels provided.

The Numbers & Hygiene Protocols

Only a set number of staff and clients will be allowed within the salons at one time depending on floor area and the new 1.5m social distancing metre protocols.

Obviously hairdressing services cannot be achieved unless your stylist is quite close to you but we trust that the protective clothing and hygiene routines will reassure you. After all, having your hair done should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

As a matter of course, our staff will be wearing masks (and/or visors where appropriate) and disposable plastic aprons. We are installing reception desk shields.

  • We will take your temperature when you visit the salons
  • Hand gel will be available at all times.
  • We will be using disposable white towels in all the salons.
  • We will provide a freshly laundered gown for you to wear during your time with us.
  • Chairs will be set with a distance between them that conforms to the 1.5 metre rule.
  • Between individual client sessions, equipment, chairs, mirrors and surfaces will be cleaned using Barbicide® antiseptic spray or EnozoPRO .
  • We will be using Barbicide® tanks for hair combs, brushes and clips.

When it comes to salon hygiene, we’ve gone one step further to keep us all safer and will be using EnozoPRO Sanitisers in all of the salons. EnozoPRO is a revolutionary aqueous ozone mist system that cleans, sanitises and kills up to 99.9% of pathogens.

Thank you!

We realise the ‘new normal’ changes are a lot to take in but we hope you’ll understand why we need to be clear about everything we’re doing to keep everyone safe and happy in our salons.