Lynne & Maz’s 450km charity ride is full steam ahead

Lynne and Maz are mid-ride

Lynne Smith and Maz Swann have reported back on the early days of their mammoth charity ride for Action for Charity – Women v Cancer.

They’re having a great time and the camaraderie in the group is helping them all to deal with the 40˚ heat and the humidity.

they all look really upbeat, well and fit. Enjoy the photos.

Lynne’s date-line snippets direct from the action tell the story of the challenges

It’s been a very long journey, fianally here, had bikes fitted, all good, having a beer. It’s very hot and humid, I think we will die…

First day finished, really good but hot. Got a bit burnt…

Did 68 miles in temp of 42 degrees, tough but smashed it!

Another good day, all burnt and heat rash. Mouse droppings in room. Morning off and boat to Cambodia tomorrow…

action_for_charity_women_v_cancer_1  action_for_charity_women_v_cancer_2  action_for_charity_women_v_cancer_11  action_for_charity_women_v_cancer_8

action_for_charity_women_v_cancer_9  action_for_charity_women_v_cancer_4  action_for_charity_women_v_cancer_5  action_for_charity_women_v_cancer_6

Please sponsor the girls – there’s still time

If you’d like to sponsor Maz and Lynne on their ride you can either donate in the Pangbourne Salon or visit their page on Just Giving.

Thank you!

Maz Swann & Lynne Smith Cycling for Charity


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