La Biosthétique

Forresters showcases LA BIOSTHÉTIQUE

Conceived in the 1950s by biochemist Marcel Contier, Laboratoire Biosthétique is a leading international cosmetic company and provides an exclusive holistic concept for perfect beauty.

There’s something very special about LA BIOSTHÉTIQUE, so book an appointment at Forresters Pangbourne or Thatcham today to begin giving your hair what it truly deserves.

There’s more!

Forresters Pangbourne and Thatcham offer LA BIOSTHÉTIQUE lotions, styling fluid, modelling creams, mousse and volume spray as part of their overall styling services to clients. Theres truly something for everyone!

You will be able to purchase your treatment or styling products to take home and use as part of your ongoing hair maintenance. For your convenience, we’ll keep a handy record of everything we’ve used and you have bought.

Call Forresters Pangbourne or Forresters Thatcham for more information.

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A revolutionary product range for every day hair care and styling, LA BIOSTHÉTIQUE goes
further with effective scalp and hair treatments.

La Biosthétique Products


Product Description: LA BIOSTHÉTIQUE Beauté For all the family’s hair and skin. The conditioner can be used to moisturise the skin and the shampoo doubles up as an effective shower…


Product Description: LA BIOSTHÉTIQUE AntiFrizz Smoothing, and light for maximum shine. Shampoo leaves hair easier to style and leaves it with a silky gloss Conditioner for long lasting control without…