Adam West – TIGI Inspirational Youth Bootcamp final show

TIGI Inspirational Youth programme 2018 - Adam West from Forresters Sonning Common hair salon

The TIGI Inspirational Youth Bootcamp Programme

Adam West, Manager and Style Director at the Forresters Sonning Common salon recently achieved a personal goal when he completed the coveted TIGI Inspirational Youth Bootcamp at TIGI London HQ last year.

With hairdressing talent from across the UK, Bootcamp Day 1 was dedicated to presentations and demos from the TIGI teams giving everyone an opportunity to relax and get to know each other. Adam and his fellow boot campers gave a short overview about their interests and inspirations.

Adam’s passion for fashion icon Vivienne Westwood and music and film from the 80s inspired his mood board presentation and creative look for the final model shoot at the Café de Paris in London.

Adam explained, “After our presentations everyone’s creative direction was discussed with our TIGI creative and technical mentors. We were all encouraged to step outside of our comfort zones to get the maximum benefit from the experience. It’s a chance to create ‘hair art’ for the stage and is very different from the day to day salon environment.”

All the work during the Bootcamp was geared towards the professional showcase. It’s an intensive training block and Adam was totally immersed in the buzz of it.

With guidance from mentors Mike Esa, TIGI’s Show Director, Maria Kovacs, TIGI European Session Director, Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Creative Technical Director, Akos Bodi, TIGI European Creative Director and a visit during the week from Anthony Moscolo, the stylists were supported by the best in the industry.

The bootcamp provides the opportunity to grow as a stylist as the group experiences professional model casting insights, colour technique practices, freehand cutting and styling in a pressured working environment. It’s hard work but the adrenalin kicks in and carries everyone through to their end goal.

All that hard work was so worth it!

Adam explained, “My finished look revolved around an 80s urban, edgy retrospective theme and my model was wearing black leather to create a strong contrast between the softness and volume of the finished style.

For the photo shoot I worked with natural hair using TIGI Superstar Queen For A Day hairspray for hold and texture. Working freehand I rolled large sections of hair to create texture and strong movement. I then pinned and secured areas through the top. This made the light deeper in areas complimenting the flawless makeup, and the soft lighter parts of the style created feminine soft light. I created a multi-tone look finished with playful feminine soft movement with striking confidence and attitude.”

Here are Adam’s final model shots; he’s delighted with the results and relished every aspect of the challenge.

The final showcase was held at the Café de Paris in London in November. All of the stylists were a little bit anxious about explaining the creative and technical aspects of their work on the big stage, but nerves gave way to elation after each presentation.

Feeling justifiably proud of his achievements, Adam is keen to develop his professional styling and technical colour skills further and is sharing all he has learned with his creative team at the Sonning Common hair salon.

Adam’s already bringing his new expertise to the Sonning Common salon, “Since Inspirational Youth I have gained a lot of confidence working with different hair textures and transforming looks for clients in all age groups and bringing on-trend styles to Forresters Sonning Common. I’m full of new ideas and inspiration straight out of London.” 

Adam would love to invite you to the salon for a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION to discuss your hair ideas and give you advice and creative input. Call the salon on 0118 972 4573 to book your slot.

Adam West - Forresters Sonning Common salon shows off his talents at the TIGI Inspirational final show at the Cafe de Paris in London

Adama West - Manager of Forresters Sonning Common - final model image at the TIGI Inspirational Youth final show at the Cafe de Paris in November 2018

collaboration between the TIGI Inspirational Youth 2018 intake

Forresters Group Inspirational Youths

Adam is the 5th Senior Stylist from the Forresters Group to experience the TIGI Inspirational Youth programme. He’s in good company…

  • Dom Rolfe – Thatcham salon
  • Archie Smith – Pangbourne Salon
  • Sophie Garbutt – Abingdon Salon
  • Rory Gamble – Caversham Salon

All of these Senior Stylists are the groups rising stars and have brought back new skills and innovations to their home salons. As individuals, the Inspirational Youth Programme has given them all a chance to develop not only themselves, but to share their insights and techniques with their salon teams, sharing the knowledge and giving everyone in the group a creative boost.

This chimes exactly with Forresters focus on training and development within the group. Keeping abreast of new techniques, products and industry innovations is the key to to our success. We continually invest in training, with our Apprenticeship scheme for 16 year olds through to our established senior Styling and Technical teams.


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CREDIT: Model photography and bootcamp images: © Alex Barron-Hough