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Forever Young, Forever Forresters, Since 1971

Forresters have been making women feel fabulous for 49 years. Our entire philosophy centres on the desire to make all of our customers feel good about themselves and we do this by putting you first.

Starting from humble beginnings, husband and wife hairdressing duo John and Jill Forrester opened (and lived above) their first salon in Reading in 1971. John and Jill have continued to be ‘hands-on’ with their business and twins Gemma and Stuart Forrester both play vital roles within the group.

John Forrester

It’s no surprise to learn that this family-run business has grown to incorporate eight hair salons and one beauty salon, across Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

The Forresters group business succeeds by focusing on training, training and more training. All of our franchisees and salon managers are home grown talent; proof that our business model works for the benefit of both clients and our creative teams.

We’re leaders in our field and train all our staff at our Hairdressing Training Academy in Reading to meet the very high standards expected of a Forresters stylist and colour technician. Our staff consistently rewards us by winning technical and creative awards and best of all, brings all of these skills back to the salons to benefit Forresters’ clients.

When you walk into a Forresters salon, you’ll find a team of friendly, passionate and committed hairdressers, keen to make you look and feel great.

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Adrian Leonard, Forresters Abingdon

Forresters Franchisees

Every franchisee is hand-selected from our bumper crop of talent

At Forresters we’re proud of our reputation and since 1971, we have been building it through hard work, dedication and keeping one step ahead of hair and fashion trends.

As a group, we continually invest in and nurture our stylists to achieve the high standards for which we are known. Everyone who works for Forresters benefits from the excellent training that we provide.

The majority of Forresters salons are under the management of a franchisee, but that doesn’t mean that our standards vary from salon to salon. On the contrary, every franchisee is selected from our talent pool and this in turn means that every salon is consistent in the techniques used, in the technical abilities of the stylists and in the quality of the cutting, colour work and styling they offer.

Each franchisee runs a team of creative stylists and technicians who are all committed to the Forresters company ethos of teamwork, excellent customer service and best quality cutting and colour services for all Forresters’ clients across the board.

All of our franchisees are ambitious and motivated individuals who have taken the opportunity to build a successful business for themselves and their teams.

Never a company to sit on its laurels, Forresters are continually nurturing the next rich seam of talent to create jobs and satisfying creative careers for many young people in the future.

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