Forresters Abingdon salon team go wild at the 10k Wolf Run

What do the team at Forresters Abingdon do on one of the hottest days of the year so far?

They challenge themselves to a 10k Wolf run at Welsh Road Farm in Warwickshire!

Gemma, Adrian, Sophie, Katie, Jess, Hayley, Shannon and Robbie grabbed their running gear (and sun block) and headed out to take the challenge.

What’s a Wolf Run?

The Wolf Run is a cross-country run with a difference. The course is set with challenges so you could be running across a field, or wading through deep mud or climbing over man made obstacles. It’s full on and fun. The most challenging part of the Welsh Farm Road wolf Run is the Alpha Lake.

The Welsh Farm Wolf Run’s partner charity was so everyone gave something regardless of whether they were sponsored.

Would they do it again?

Yes! Everyone in the Forresters team had a great time and even though there have been a few aches and pains (hardly surprising) they would do it all again. They started off looking bright and fresh and ended up covered from head to foot in mud.

Gemma Forrester and Adrian Leonard, who manage the Abingdon salon said “It was a hard run and really hot. Once or twice we wondered if we were going to be able to complete the course. We all got over the finish line after battling through the Mud Bath. It was brilliant.”

It was a fantastic effort and the Forresters Abingdon team did so well.

What’s next we wonder..?

Adrian, gemma and the Forresters Abingdon salon team celebrate their success