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This treatment is most suited for smaller areas such as lips and chin.

How Does Electrolysis Work?
An electric current is applied with a very fine needle-shaped electrode into each hair follicle to destroy the root.

Hair grows in different stages: growing, resting and shedding. Because all of the hair isn't at the same stage at any given time, multiple sessions are needed as the hair must be in an active stage for electrolysis hair removal to be most effective. It does require multiple sessions to achieve best possible results, but permanent hair removal isn't 100% guaranteed for everyone.

Many different hair and skin types can benefit. Because it doesn't target hair pigment (colour) like laser, but attacks the follicle itself. People that aren't good candidates for laser can still get electrolysis.

Everyone has their own tolerance to pain. Electrolysis has been likened to a stinging and pricking sensation, and each follicle has to go through it.

A consultation is required on the first booking, this is free of charge.

Pay for 5 treatments and get 1 free!

Full course payment required at first treatment to qualify for the offer.


Forresters Beauty Salon offers a range of waxing treatments using warm wax. Forresters beauty therapists advise clients to have up to two weeks of hair growth to archive the best results. The time between treatments will vary depending on each client but is normally 4 to 6 weeks. Waxing does not promote hair growth and the hair will weaken over time.

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